Small Group Training

Small group training lets you workout alongside a certified Personal Trainer with 2 or 3 other people to get the most value out of your training sessions.

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Somerset Swim & Fitness can help you reach your goals with fitness technology that enhances balance and movement through vibration for accelerated health, fitness, and well-being results. With little to no impact on the body, it’s more efficient than other forms of exercise, amplifying the benefits of every movement.

Workout alongside a certified Personal Trainer with a small group of 2-3 people to get the most value out of your training sessions.

Somerset Swim and Fitness boutique style club small group training.

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Good Vibrations

Offering convenience and simplicity, you will feel empowered using our vibration machines in our team training classes to improve your quality of life at any age.

Thinking about an even more personalized approach?
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Our Unique Team Training Studio Features the Latest in Vibration Technology!

Vibration training stimulates muscle, increases circulation, and enhances lymphatic flow while challenging the body’s sensory system. The result: improved balance, strength and pain management, all while burning more body fat in less time!

Benefits of Vibration Training

Rev up your metabolism.
Boost immune system.
Manage pain.
Improve balance.
Improve workout efficiency and results.
Increase strength & build/tone muscle.
Increase mobility, flexibility and circulation.