Nutrition Coaching

True success comes from more than just counting calories.

It comes from balanced nutrition, with the correct calorie levels, from healthful foods. You don’t need fads or shortcuts to meet your fitness goals, just a simple and consistent plan that provides balanced nutrition.

Other systems just email you a list of foods, or help you count calories – but Somerset Nutrition Coaching takes a unique and more beneficial approach. We help you create a healthy and balanced diet using your favorite foods.

It’s time for a truly balanced diet from REAL FOODS

Very few people have the knowledge, or time to create a balanced diet using foods that they enjoy. There is just so much information to keep track of. Like how a deficiency or excess in vitamins and minerals can cause a range of health problems. Or how cholesterol, sodium, and saturated fat can promote coronary heart disease and other ailments. And did you know that nutrients such as omega 3, and omega 6 can help reduce cholesterol, and boost hormone levels?

Combining the correct nutrients at the proper level of calories can lead to true vibrant health! We work with you to create personalized meal plans that take the guesswork out of a balanced diet.

Imagine how you would look and feel if you were truly eating right. Experience the difference that complete balanced nutrition can make in your life!


Our Nutrition Coaches help you learn to create healthy meal plans using your favorite foods, simplify your grocery list, make better food choices, and manage portions so you will see results! 

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