Membership Portal Instructions

Use the Member Portal to reserve your space in the pool or fitness rooms

Here are the instructions to set up your Online Member Portal
Please Note: All adult members must have their own email already in the system to log in. If you do not have an email address listed on your account, please contact the club to set one up.


Somerset Swim & Fitness Member Portal App Instructions

The new app can be used on Android, iPhone, Desktop Computer, Laptop and Tablet. 

  1. Go to and select the NEW! Member Portal button on the upper right of the homepage.

  2. To set up a new Member Portal account click CREATE ACCOUNT. A Code will be sent to your email to activate your account and set up your username and password. The email address you use will be the email you have on file at the health club.

  3. SIGN IN with your User Name and Password. Once you are logged in, you will be permanently signed into the portal.

  4. When you Sign In you will be taken to your Dashboard, where you can see the percentage of members using the club, Upcoming Appointments, Classes, and your Profile.

  5. To sign up for the fitness rooms, pool, hot tub, and aqua aerobics select Classes. Classes refer to Aqua Aerobics classes as well as the fitness rooms and pool & hot tub.

  6. In Classes, you can use Filters to refine your search and sort by Name, Date, Day of Week, or Time of Day. On your phone you will find the filters by selecting the Magnifying Glass on the lower right hand of the screen. On the PC it will appear as oval buttons at the top of the class list.

  7. To sort by date, select Date.

  8. To bring up the Calendar, select the date section. In the Calendar, select the date you want to book and select OK.
  9. To further refine your search, select the Day of the Week and/or Time of Day you want to filter. When selected, the button will be dark grey. When deselected it will be white.

  10. Select the arrow <- next to Filters to set the filters you want.

  11. To sort by class/room Name, select Name.

  12. This will bring up a list of the classes/rooms to choose from. Check the box for the class type you want.

  13. You can further refine your search by selecting the different filter options to show classes by specific Date, Day of Week, and Time of Day.

  14. Select the checkbox for the class/room you would like to enroll in. The Person Icon on the lower right in the class/room shows how many people are enrolled.

  15. Select ENROLL NOW.

  16. After you enroll a confirmation will appear in green at the bottom of the screen that states “Your appointment has been scheduled”. You will also receive an email confirmation.

  17. The appointment will appear on your Dashboard.

  18. If a class is full it will show Wait List on the bottom left of the class. To be added to the Wait List, select WAIT LIST. Once added, the it will show ON WAIT LIST on the bottom right of the class. If someone cancels a class, the next person on the wait list will receive an email notification that they are scheduled for the class.

  19. To Cancel a reservation, go to your Dashboard, select the class under Upcoming Appointments, select Cancel Booking, select YES.

  20. The class will show as Canceled on your Dashboard.

If you have any issues, please contact Eleanor at or call the club at 603-595-4160.